A few words about the PhD Student Conference

Since 1993, the STEP'UP doctoral school has organized the “Congrès Des Doctorants” (CDD), a yearly conference to promote the research of PhD students from the STEP'UP Doctoral school. The congress is organised by the 1st year PhD students from both components of the doctoral school (Environment Sciences and the Physics of the Universe) and will feature vulgarization talks from reseachers along with posters and presentations from Ph.D. students of STEP'UP and other invited students. The goal of this conference is to establish links between students, researchers and professionals in the geosciences and physics of the universe fields. The 2022 edition, 'From Micro to Macro', will be held at IPGP between 13 and 15 April.

For participants, there will also be awards for the best poster!
A vote for the best poster will be held during the three days of the CDD. The winner will be announced on the last day and will receive a special prize! More details on the poster election are provided in the Infos page.

3 days schedule

A short description of day to day program will be added soon.

How to participate ?

At the beginning of September, an email will be send to inform volunteer students.